Monday, May 3

Tote Bags for Men

Fellas traveling somewhere and need to take some stuff with you? Instead of stuffing everything into your pockets there is a new solution to all your problems! While carrying a backpack is immature, carrying a tote is the solution. No carrying a tote is not feminine at all! Top designers as Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and even other stores such as Express and J. Crew. Mens totes are very masculine and is the greatest way to carry all your necessities such as your wallet, laptop, keys, if you are going to an interview your resume or portfolio, or if your going to a business meeting you can put all your materials needed for your presentation. They are also versatile, you can take them to the beach, you can take them on vacation and put your clothes in for the weekend.

Tote Shown: Gucci tote $1290

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