Sunday, October 3

Three Piece Suits

With the weather getting colder, its time to start layering our clothes. If you want to keep it casual you would consider a button down, with a cardigan over it, and then throw on a trench of a pea coat. On the flip side if you are going somewhere and the attire will be Business or Formal the third piece that needs to be added would be a vest. The good thing about vests are they can be worn year round, should it be too hot for a blazer. Below are some ideas on how to wear a three piece suit. Keep in mind that the third piece should be the same as the rest of the suit, please dont try and be fashion forward and throw a random color in, the pop of color will come from the tie fellas.

1. Dolce And Gabbana
2. Simon Spurr
3. Simon Spurr
4. Ralph Lauren
5. Dunhill

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