Saturday, April 24

10 Commandments of Style

OK so here are the 10 Style Commandments on how to look you best.

1. Honor Thy Tailor! Please get your jeans hemmed, I'm tired of seeing guys with their jeans underneath the shoes. Also every man should own at least one suit, and don't just buy a suit and throw it on. Take it to the tailor and have them fit it to your body type.

2. Thou Shalt Not Wear Sneakers Made For A Man! Its fine to own sneakers, but use the for the gym. If you are going to wear sneakers keep them simple; Sack Purcell, Sperry's, and things along this line.

3. Thou Shalt Invest In The Right Timepiece! Buy a watch that is convertible, a nice stainless steal watch will go with your jeans for when you dress casually, and it will also look nice when you dress it up with a blazer.

4. Thou Shalt Match Thy Socks With Thy Suit! I'm tired of seeing guys with black dress pants and brown sock, or brown pants with Grey socks, STOP IT!!! Invest in the 3 main colors Black, Brown, and Grey.

5. Thou Shalt Not Wear A Tie That Is Too Slim! OK men unless you are a size 30 in pants you should not wear a super skinny tie. If you want to go for a more modern look go with a tie measuring 3 inch at its widest point, as opposed to a tie measuring 4-5 inches at the widest point.

6. Thou Shalt Put Thy Wallet On A Diet! Nothing bothers me more than seeing a guy with bulging pockets due to a wallet the size of a textbook. Throw out you wallet and invest in a credit card holder for you main cards (i.d., and a couple of credit cards). And for your cash fold it in half and stick it in a money clip.

7. Thou Shalt Wear The Right Tie With The Right Tux! OK if you are wearing a tux you are most likely going out to a formal event, so the right tie is essential. A bow tie goes with a peak-lapel tux, and a tie goes with a straight notch lapel. Also the tie should match the fabric on the lapel, if your lapel is satin go with a satin tie. Also your tie should be black, colored ties are for the prom.

8. Thou Shalt Wear Brown Shoes With Nearly Everything! When I see a guy in black dress shoes it tell me they are unsure of themselves, and have low self confidence. Dark brown shoes will up the style on any outfit! Pair it with Grey, Khaki, or Dark Navy pants to get a real wow effect. Everyone will notice your shoes.

9. Thou Shalt Learn When To Cuff Thy Pants! The secret to cuffing your pants is simple, straight pants = no cuff! If you are wearing pants with a single pleat then you can cuff your pants. BUT!!! your cuff should not be more than 1.5 inches

10. Remember Thy Undershirt! Skipping the undershirt is a clean and stylish look. However if you are a very hairy guy or you perspire a lot you might want to put an undershirt on. If you a wearing a white shirt that is fairly see through, put on a crew neck t. If you wear a v-neck or a tank top you will be able to see the lines and that looks cheesy. If you want to wear a tank top go for a shirt with stripes or a checkered shirt. Or go for a shirt with a harder fabric so that seeing the undershirt is nearly impossible.

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