Thursday, April 29

Louboutins for Men!!!! Oh My Christian

Oh Christian, How I love thee! Christian Louboutin is world known for making some of the most beautiful woman's shoes. Everyone knows about these red soled pumps and boots that have been spotted every where, from Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, to Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Eve, the list goes on and on! Well fellas have you ever seen a nice pair of woman's shoes and think that designer could make millions of dollars more if the branched out into the mens footwear field as well. Well Mr. Louboutin has done exactly that! Creating a couple of sneakers for men as well as some loafers. When looking into the entertainment industry who could you see wearing these you might wonder. Well these fantastic shoes have been spotted on Mr. Kanye West, as well as Swiss Beats. Swiss Beats is actually a good friend of Christian and when the shoes were first released Swiss blogged about them, and he has even gotten his son into wearing theses kicks. So all my gentlemen out there, these shoes do cost a pretty penny though, about $1200. So lets see who has them first?

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