Sunday, April 25

Best Places to Shop

Dear Fellas, H&M should not be your one stop shopping heaven for everything. While you can find a couple of pieces that will enhance your wardrobe, the quality of H&M's clothing isn't exactly long lasting. So with the money you spend on buying the same pair of jeans 2 or 3 times, you could have just spent the money on one good pair of jeans that will last you forever. A couple of stores are great when shopping for men. J. Crew offers a more preppy style of clothing for men, but you can still find essentials if you don't want that preppy look. Their jeans fit basically every body type, the broken in t's are fantastic, and the the jackets are one for every style. Another amazing store is Uniqlo. Uniqlo is one of those stores that has everything! You can find suits to jeans, button-downs to t's. Dress shoes to to sandals. Best point is, the prices! You could get a great modern fitting suit for about $150. Stock up on t's each running about $12.50, and lets not mention sale. There are tons of J. Crews scatter through out the NY area. Uniqlo is an international store with one store in the entire United States, in the Heart of Soho on Broadway. So fellas, maybe its time to change your wardrobe and start dressing more like men instead of little Boys. Enjoy!

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