Tuesday, April 27

Make A Statement With Your Shoes

Ok as the summer gets closer and closer, our wardrobes need updating. The quickest update is to buy new shoes. While clothes tend to last for a while, spotting last seasons shoes is something you dont want to be caught with this year. An iconic outfit for the summer seems to be the all white look, but please dont get caught in all white clothes with some dusty white sneakers. That is a fail on your life. Please be a little more daring and keep the white shirt with the white pants, but add some color to your shoes. Drivers seem to be an investment that will up the style of your outfit no matter if you pair it with jeans, linen pants, or even slacks. Below are couple of drivers that will give you some nice color this summer.

1. Ralph Lauren Jerald Suede Driver $425
2. Prada Leather Moccasins $420
3. Tod's Lacetto Altraversion Driver $425

Hope to see you all with some of these on this summer!

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