Friday, March 19

19 MIstakes Guys Make

Ok so thanks to GQ Magazine they have put out a list of the 19 mistakes guys usually make trying to be hip or trying to fit in with the latest trends.
  1. Jeans w/ any type of embellishment, paint, rhinestone, and things of this nature. Plain Tacky
  2. Guylights - Highlighting hair should only be for women! Sorry guys
  3. The Mesh Shirt - mesh should only be used for screens not fashion
  4. Ed Hardy! While im sure most men have fallen to this fashion statement, the only thing ed hardy does is point out which guys are tools. Reference Jon Gosselin
  5. Sunglasses at Indoors/Night time - Just dont do it
  6. T's w/ stupid messages, while everyone loves a graphic T, lets read what the shirts say because stupid messages make you look like a tool.
  7. Overtly Tanning, congratulations you look like the Jersey Shore Cast -___-
  8. Oh the skullet!
  9. Men in Fur, please gentlemen leave it for your lady
  10. Sports Jerseys should only be worn at a sporting event, not as part of your daily wardrobe
  11. Leather Pants can only be pulled off by Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger.
  12. Too Much Cologne, nice way to be noticed 6 mins b4 you enter a room. Douche
  13. Hair Plugs! Just go bald as god intended you to be
  14. Tighty Whities, just burn them!
  15. Colored Contacts should never be worn!
  16. Oh the sideways hat! Really are you a B-Boy, are you gonna break dance in the middle of your sentence? No! take that shit off
  17. Perms! Congrats you look like a 45 y/o white women, here is your award
  18. Polyester Suits should have stopped being produced in the 70's. That is one fashion trend that will never come back
  19. Pinky Rings! You look as flamboyant as a Drag Queen in the West Village of Manhattan.

Photos Complimentary of GQ.Com

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