Wednesday, March 17

Bad Girls Club Season 4 Reunion

So tonight started part 1 of the BGC Reunion. First I wanna talk about the Flo and Natalie dispute, now the commercials always make the fights seem longer then the actually are. However, in my opinion i think Flo tore Natalie apart. A friend of mine was telling me how she thought Flo was out of control from when Kendra looked at her with a stink face. However I feel that if anyone is sitting across from someone who they don't like and the person looks at them sideways they are going to be ready to fight. Lets move on to Kate and Annie, do i feel Kate was wrong for hitting Annie, I sure am. I used to like Kate until she started following Natalie around and acting like her little prodigy. Kate turned from Classy to classless in the couple of weeks that she stayed in the house. In my opinion Kendra is the fakest girl in the house. And who told Amber to go and get pregnant by the predator. Im scared to see what their child is going to look like. Lexie to me is so cute, I would love to have her as a friend, for the simple fact that she would make me look a million times smarter.

Ill post the video in a later post. But for now

"Enjoy everyday like its your last because tomorrow isn't guaranteed!"

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