Friday, March 26

Every Man Needs Accessories

So many people think accessories are just for women, well we are mixing it up a bit. Guys no more of these plain outfits can we please have some style! Im not saying go out and start buying jewelry and things of that nature, but go out get the latest issue of GQ magazine and compare your style with what you see. You dont have to follow it word for word but at least take some tips. OK back to accessories, every guy some have at least one of each of these items.
  1. Patterned pocket squares - a nice compliment to a blazer and a a lightweight button down.
  2. Plastic Aviators - metal aviators are not every occasion. You can get them from anywhere Forever 21-Bloomingdales.
  3. Ties with bright colors - its spring lets add some color to our wardrobes. Thanks
  4. Boat Shoes Galore - boat shoes come in every color, but dont get them to match you exact outfit, be a little risky and dont match colors from head to toe.
  5. Watchs with color fronts - Put down the G-Shocks and get a classic watch, but with a nice spin on it and get a cool color.
  6. Straw Fedoras - a great look with a light weight button down, with rolled up sleeves, cargo shorts or chino shorts, and boat shoes. Dont forget to add a watch and a pair of plastic aviators.

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