Saturday, March 20

Biker Jacket

Ok so welcome to the First day of Spring people!!!!! This year we are seeing an increase trend for coats, not just pea-coats or North Face coats but guys now have, military, leather, utility, biker, nylon, wind breakers, etc. Today I'm going to be talking about the Biker Jacket. Men are really starting to show interest in their wardrobes, so detailing has become very important for men who are very fashionable. The below biker jackets are from various designers and from all price ranges.
  1. Armani Exhange - $425
  2. Burberry - $395
  3. Diesel - $550
  4. Dolce and Gabbana - $1595
  5. Gucci - 4175
  6. John Varvatos Converse - $295

While these are more pricier jackets you can find cheaper ones at the Gap, H&M, Guess, Marciano, even take a browse through Macy's and see what International Concepts, also known as INC., has but out for the season.

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