Monday, March 15

Portarying Stereotypes and Things of That Nature

Ok I wanna touch on something that as him sitting on my mind for sometime now. Sometimes I wonder why do people act in different inappropriate ways when they know people are watching. I'm talking about portraying stereotypes among us minority communities. If people look at Blacks and Spanish people as being uncivil or "out of control" why do we continue to act the way we do, and for those who don't act like the rest we criticize them? I also want to talk about the so called "riot" that happened the other day at Uniondale High School. I don't too much understand what was going through the students heads at the time, but it seems like they were copying off of Hempstead High School, which by the way had a deeper issue then just trying to get out of school early. Not only are the students just being crazy through the school but people are seriously getting hurt from some of the actions. So tell me guys how do you feel about minorities portraying stereotypes?

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