Monday, March 15

My Thoughts on Apples iPad.

Thoughts on the iPad.

So I want to talk about the iPad today. It is starting to turn into a highly criticized innovation. Some people are saying that it is just a big iPod Touch and others are saying it will revolutionize the world of technology as we see it. Personally I want one, not for the fact that I will use it as a computer, but more as an eReader. On the iPad you will be able to book puts on it so you can read at your convenience, also for all my college students you will be able to put your college textbooks on it. How many people spend over $100 on a used textbook from the bookstore and you just end up selling it back for like $25. Well on the iPad most textbooks are under $65, and you basically rent it for 180 days, which is 6 months. And if you are reading in your textbook and don't understand the topic, they have videos from youtube built right in. The greatest part of it is the touch capability, in the book you are able to highlight, flag pages to study later, and they also give you a study guide at the end of it section so you can brush up on your skills before you take a test in class. Another great feature on the iPad watching movies. The battery last 10 hours of watching movies, so you will be able to watch 4 movies, depending on the length maybe 5. Another great feature is the ability to use iWork on the iPad. While no one would want to sit and type a 10 page paper on a touch screen item, they do sell a keyboard that attaches right to the iPad. What makes using iWork a great feature is the fact that you use your fingers to drag and drop picture exactly where you want them. I know a lot of people hate being restricted when it comes to putting a picture in the right place. So how do you guys feel about it?

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