Saturday, March 27

Suiting for Every Man

Ok so im going to talk about suiting for guys today. Every man needs at least one good suit. An epidemic that is sweeping the nation is ill-tailored men all over! There is nothing nastier than a man with clothes that do not fit! Plain and simple, how do you expect to impress a girl if you look like you bout your suit from Walmart and didn't have a tailor to fit it to your exact size. No one man is the same! So here are different things every guy can do to make his suit work better for him.

First off, the Short Man is usually 5'8" and under 165 pounds. You want to avoid long sports coats/blazers cause it will make you legs look shorter than they are, also you want to stick with slim ties amd slim lapels, it will give you added height you dont have. No belts! when you break up your look it actually makes you look shorter than you are, with a good suit you wont need a belt. And for your shoe keep it slim, you dont want a wide shoe to where it makes you look like you have cement blocks attached to your feet.

The 5 Tips Every Short Man Should Know

1) Be honest with yourself. Admit you’re short and buy short-length suits.

2) A pant leg with very little break will help you look taller.

3) Show some cuff to lengthen the look of your arms.

4) A peak lapel helps elongate your physique.

5) A lower button stance creates long lines, and that essentially stretches you out.

Next, The Tall Man is usually 6 foot tall and can be any weight. Tall guys becomes tricky when you throw different sizes into it, not everyone can follow the same guide, however when you are tall its all about lines, you want to appear tall not look gargantuan. So blazers that covers about 1/3 of your thigh, then adding things to give you other dimension than tall. Ties with diagonal lines on them are perfect cause the give you height and width, but not to much of each. Also add a pocket square to your blazer, it will give the person looking at your a break from seeing the one color of you suit, also breaking up it, so that you dont appear to be godzilla. Which brings us to your shoes, chances are if you are tall you have big feet, its just a fact of life, do not and i repeat doooo not!!!!! wear pointy shoes it will just makes your foot look bigger than it is.

The 5 Tips Every Tall Man Should Know

1) Lighter colors add width to a narrow frame.

2) A two-button suit works great on a tall man—as long as the suit has relatively high-cut lapels.

3) Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you need an extra-long suit size. Try on a long first.

4) Keep the amount of cuff you show to a minimum.

5) Ask for a decent amount of break in your trousers, so your long legs don’t look too long.

The guy body physique is The Oversized Man, about 5'9" and 230+ pounds. A common thing that happens to larger men is they tend to buy suits that are boxy. They dont help make the man appear smaller than what he actually is. Using suspenders is actually a great when to stay comfortable, they keep your pants up and they keep them loose around the waist, also the maneuver with your body and float your waist line. Go for a more solid shoe, a classic one is wing tips! Cant go wrogn with wing tips. Also try stick to darker colored suits, they make you appear to be smaller than what you actually are.

The 5 Tips Every Large Man Should Know

1) Wear a pocket square. It brings the focus to your chest, not your gut.

2) Keep your jacket buttoned unless you’re sitting down.

3) Wear a simple, elegant shirt. Avoid plaids and checks.

4) You can wear flat-front pants. They are engineered to be comfortable, even without pleats.

5) Avoid superskinny ties and lapels. Proportion with your torso is key

Last but not least is the overtly Muscular Man, they tend to be various heights and tend to be under 210 pounds. Something to avoid when you are muscular is pocket squares, you dont have to add an accessory to your chest when its clearly big enough to be noticed without you little pocket square. Purchase a custom fit dress shirt, its broader on top, and it tapers in around the torso so you dont have a bunch of fabric hanging around on the inside of your jacket. For you a shoes that is a cross over between a pointy toe shoe and a round toe shoe, and something plain and classic like the wingtips. Because your body is a focal point you dont need to over do it.

The 5 Tips Every Athletic Man Should Know

1) A solid build doesn’t mean your suit should be a size too large.

2) Two-button jackets sync up with the V shape of your torso.

3) Low-collar shirts work well with a thicker neck.

4) Your jacket will likely need to be taken in at the sides.

5) Yes, you can wear narrow-cut trousers. It’s your chest that needs room, not your ankles.

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